PCAdd-ons is a new venture of Premier Carts, Inc. in 2018. Premier Carts is a small retail cart distribution company that has been shipping retail shopping carts and related accessories all across the United States and off-shore for 20 years. As the owner, I created and have updated the premiercarts.com e-commerce website over the last two decades and started using G Suite for Business in 2009. Over the years I have taught myself HTML, SEO, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I have also created several Google apps script projects to better utilize the Google environment for use in my company and some of my volunteer efforts. I am publishing a few of these Add-ons that I believe can be useful to a wider audience. The first Add-on I am releasing is MergeFactory, which helps merge spreadsheet data into emails and Google Docs in simple and useful ways while keeping all of your data safe in the Google environment.

This Google Sheets add-on was created to provide users with a simple way to merge selected spreadsheet row(s) with user defined Google Docs or email templates. Simple merge markers and row selection make this the easiest merge utility in the G Suite Marketplace. Header rows are not required and row content can be merged to templates with simple column data markers such as @colC@ or @colF@. If the sheet does have a header row in the first row, then templates can merge headers using simple column header markers such as %colC% or %colF%. The current @date@ and @time@ can also be used in templates. Email templates can be plain text or users can past in custom HTML for true customization.

The add-on only utilizes Google services and does not share any data with me as the developer. The script has limited access to your email in order to send emails. The script also has limited access to your Google Drive in order to copy and create new documents. The only information I receive is your email address and billing zip code if you subscribe to our premium version or provide feedback information.